Why Your Dentist Might Need To Take X-Rays

Do you ever wonder why you must get X-rays at the dentist’s office so often? Dentists need the valuable information X-rays display for each patient.

Have you ever had an X-ray at a dental office? Anybody who’s ever gone to the dentist has! It’s a common practice and part of preventative care. There are good reasons a dentist will require you to get an X-ray, so continue reading to find out why.

Helps Detect Cavities

It’s almost impossible for the human eye to detect a cavity in the early stages. Your dentist may give you an X-ray to spot cavities early in development. They’ll check underneath existing fillings, between the teeth, and other hard-to-detect areas in your mouth. Your dentist will want to take preventative action before the decay progresses.

Monitor Growth and Development

X-rays are necessary for children and allow the dentist to monitor their growth and development. Your child’s dentist will want to keep an eye on your kid’s jaw bone and adult teeth coming in.

Dentists will also check the bone health surrounding the roots of teeth. This bone is known as the alveolar bone. Professionals will look for any missing teeth that haven’t come up through the gums.

Identify Serious Oral Health Problems

If your dentist has a reason for concern, they’ll request dental X-rays to evaluate the deeper state of your oral health, as they can only see a few things above the surface. The X-ray will show any infections, tooth cracks, cysts, bone loss, abscesses, impacted teeth, and other oral anomalies.

Develop a Dental Health Baseline

Have you not been to the dentist in many years? Your next visit back will include an X-ray. The same is true if you recently switched to a new dentist and couldn’t transfer your records to the new office. Your dentist wants to see in-depth pictures of your oral health. They need to be aware of problem areas and get a general understanding of your mouth.

Plan for Dental Treatments

Are you due for a dental implant procedure? A dentist will require an X-ray to plan for various dental procedures, including braces, dentures, implants, and extractions. The scans will provide a valuable understanding of your teeth’s structure before the procedure begins.

As you can see, there are various reasons why your dentist might need to take an X-ray. These scans provide insightful information that professionals need for your oral health treatment.