Dentures in Portland, OR


For patients missing a significant number of teeth, dentures offer an incredible option for restoring your smile back to health. Missing teeth can make everything from eating and drinking to talking and laughing uncomfortable. Missing teeth also cause the face to sag, making patients appear older and less healthier than before. Most importantly, missing teeth causes a deterioration in the underlying bone structure that holds our remaining teeth in place. For all of these reasons and more, patients missing multiple teeth need to seriously consider what dentures can do to improve their health.

At Woodstock Smiles, patients can be provided with either partial or full denture implants. Partial or full dentures make a great choice for patients missing multiple teeth, and can be used along with dental implants to provide additional support. We can discuss to see if partial or full denture implants are a good treatment for you. Call our office today for a free consultation for dentures in Portland, OR.

The health of a smile matters, and full and partial dentures offer a great choice for patients needing to rejuvenate their oral health.

Full vs. Partial Dentures

Full dentures offer patients with no remaining natural teeth an opportunity to restore the form and function back to their smiles. With a set of full denture implants, patients can once again eat, drink, chew, and speak like they did before.

Partial dentures make the perfect complement when a patient has most of their natural teeth remaining. Partial dentures work to eliminate holes in a patient's smile that can make eating, drinking, and speaking difficult and a potential source of embarrassment.

Full or partial dentures help restore oral health and allow you to feel confident in your smile again. At Woodstock Smiles, we work tirelessly to help you find the right restorative dental care for your needs. Learn more about our services and schedule your consultation for dentures in Portland, OR, today.