Custom Sports Mouthguard

Woodstock dentist

Protect Your Smile While Playing Sports With a Custom Mouthguard

If you or a family member participates in sports, a custom-made mouth guard from our Woodstock dentist can prevent the type of serious damage that can permanently alter the appearance and health of a smile.

Whether an athlete is participating in after-school sports or regular pickup games at the local park, a custom sports mouthguard can offer the protection an athlete needs to keep them in the game. Unlike the boil and bite mouth guards available at most sporting goods stores, a dentist-made mouthguard improves the comfort and fit that can keep you at peak performance.

A Custom-Fit Mouthguard Offers a Number of Advantages Over Store-Bought Alternatives

When an athlete wears a custom sports mouthguard created by our Woodstock dentist, they receive a number of advantages when compared to wearing an over-the-counter alternative that include:

  • Improved comfort. A custom-made mouthguard fits perfectly over a patient's teeth, providing increased comfort and a more secure fit when compared to boil and bite guards.
  • Better durability. Boil and bite mouth guards are made of a pliable plastic that can be easily shaped and molded to fit over an athlete's teeth. This type of flexibility also leads to quicker wear and the need to replace a mouthguard more frequently when compared to dentist-made mouthguards made of firmer, more durable plastic.
  • More Secure fit. A custom-made mouthguard from our Woodstock dentist is created using a mold of a patient's teeth. This provides an exceptional fit that offers additional protection to the head and neck area when compared to a store-bought alternative.

Don't take any risks with your long-term oral health by wearing a mouthguard that provides only minimal protection. At Woodstock Smiles, we can fit you with a comfortable, durable, and effective custom sports mouthguard. Contact us to learn more and Schedule your custom-fit mouthguard consultation today.