Making Dental Visits Positive and Comfortable for Children

Making Dental Visits Positive and Comfortable for Children

Fearing the dentist is very common among little kids. Whether they’re frightened of the unknown, the sharp tools, or the sounds of the tools, many children feel scared before and during dentist appointments. You might wonder how you can encourage a positive and comfortable dental visit for your children. Continue reading for some helpful advice.

Role-Play Dental Visits at Home

Role-playing at home can help you and your child prepare for a dentist appointment. Imaginative play allows children to familiarize themselves with what happens during a dental visit, eliminate the fear of the unknown, and help them understand what to expect.

Furthermore, role-playing allows children to voice their fears or misconceptions about the dentist. Then, you can reassure your child that everything will be okay.

Utilize Positive Reinforcement

Rewarding your kids for good behavior could encourage them to keep it up. You might already use this tactic for behaving well at school or picking up toys around the house!

After the appointment, you might reward your kids with a trip to the park or a family game night at home. Your child will gradually build a positive connection to dental visits and eventually behave well on their own.

Be There To Provide Support

Children feel most at ease with their parents by their side. If your kids are afraid of the dentist, you should be there to comfort them during the appointment.

Hold their hand, speak soothing words, and distract them from the dental work. The experience will be less daunting and promote more positive visits in the future when your kids know you’ll be there with them.

Our team at Woodstock Smiles is ready to make your kids’ appointments enjoyable. Our dental professionals offer dental care in Portland for people of all ages. With our years of experience and kind-hearted nature, we’ll ensure that your children have positive and comfortable dental visits.