What Are the Main Causes for Teeth Gaps?

What Are the Main Causes for Teeth Gaps?

Not all teeth grow naturally straight and flush together. Perhaps you have a few crooked teeth or a misaligned smile that you’d like to treat.

But first, a dentist must take a close look at your smile. Continue reading to find out the main causes of teeth gaps.

Disproportionate Teeth and Jaw Size

Some people have smaller teeth that don’t take up the spacious size of the jaw. The below-average tooth size creates intermittent gaps throughout the mouth.

Diastema can be a hereditary condition since jawbone and teeth size are frequently genetic. There’s no way to prevent the presence of teeth with gaps when disproportionate teeth and jaw size are the cause.

Sucking Your Thumb as a Child

Children grow up sucking their thumbs as a replacement for their beloved pacifier. However, excessive thumb-sucking could cause the front teeth to grow apart.

Overgrown Gum Tissue

Overgrown gum tissue (gingival hyperplasia) is a condition where the gum tissue grows around the teeth. The gums might feel tender, appear inflamed, or cause bad breath.

A common cause of gingival hyperplasia is poor oral hygiene. Excessive plaque or tartar can lead to irritation and gum disease. As a result, the teeth become misaligned to create gaps in the teeth.

An Abnormality in the Frenum

The frenum is the soft piece of tissue that connects the gums to the lips. The labial frenum is located at the top and bottom part of the mouth. An overly large frenum can cause the teeth to grow apart at the upper two and lower two teeth.

Missing Teeth

An adult tooth typically follows the loss of a baby tooth. However, some individuals are missing adult teeth. Therefore, a gap will appear where the adult tooth should have grown in.

No matter the cause of teeth with gaps, Woodstock Smiles has a proper solution for you. Our orthodontics team in Portland can provide regular cleanings, tooth replacements, and braces for a stunningly aligned smile.