Wisdom Tooth Extraction Portland, OR


When a patient's wisdom teeth become impacted, they can cause a significant amount of discomfort. Not only do impacted teeth become a real pain, they often act as a breeding ground for harmful oral bacteria that accumulates in the folds and crevices that surround most impacted wisdom teeth. This accumulation of harmful bacteria can present a threat to the health of the rest of a patient's teeth.

As part of the extraction process, Dr. Nguyen will take comprehensive X-rays of your wisdom teeth. These X-rays will provide information on the severity of the problem and where the teeth are positioned. Dr. Nguyen will review your X-rays and provide the best course of recommended treatment based on your current oral health.

Why Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

In addition to the pain and discomfort impacted wisdom teeth can cause, these hard to reach and clean areas of the mouth can also become a breeding ground for plaque and dental decay.

Whether partially emerged from the gum line or crowded together with your back molars, wisdom teeth are notoriously difficult to keep clean through regular daily brushing and flossing. Even if your wisdom teeth don't cause you to experience much discomfort, the inability to keep them clean often results in cavities and inflammation developing, which could then spread to neighboring teeth.

Don't risk the health of your smile by failing to have your wisdom teeth extracted when the time is right. Contact our office in Portland, OR, to schedule your wisdom teeth extraction consultation with Dr. Nguyen today.