What To Expect During a Same-Day Crown Procedure

What To Expect During a Same-Day Crown Procedure

When dental emergencies happen, it seems to always be at the most inconvenient times. Time is of the essence, and if you need urgent dental care, you may want to consider a same-day crown. Same-day crown procedures can save you a lot of time and money. Here’s what you can expect during a same-day crown procedure.

Schedule the Appointment

Instead of scheduling two appointments for your crown, you’ll only need to deal with one. With a traditional crown, the first appointment is for preparing the tooth, and the second entails placing the permanent crown.

A same-day crown will eliminate the need for a temporary crown between appointments. Instead, you’ll have everything completed in one visit.

Tooth Preparation

The dentist will start by removing all the decay and shaping the tooth to hold the crown. With a same-day crown procedure, the dentist won’t need to remove nearly as much of the tooth as with a typical crown. A dentist could remove up to 70 percent of the healthy tooth structure during a standard procedure.

Digital Image Impressions

Impressions usually require a thick, putty substance that gags some patients. Most people don’t enjoy the experience and become nervous when they need to undergo this treatment—no more gagging during impressions for same-day crown procedures.

A small camera takes three-dimensional photos of the tooth. You’re sure to appreciate the comfort of these impressions over the typical kind. Plus, the dentist will receive the images faster, as they do not need to wait for the dental impressions to come back.

Crown Creation and Fabrication

The dentist will download the images onto a computer to create a model of the crown to match your tooth. They’ll shade the tooth to resemble your natural tooth color.

Your dentist will create your crown using a fast and reliable milling machine. The machine will chip away at a ceramic block until the model the dentist designed is ready. This process will only take around 15 minutes.

Placing the Crown

After the crown fabrication process, the dentist will polish the material. Your dentist will check to ensure it fits correctly; once it does, they’ll cement it to your tooth. When the procedure is over, remember to read any provided aftercare instructions.

A same-day crown procedure can be an excellent option for those who need a crown, and you can calmly attend the appointment since you know what to expect. Contact Woodstock Smiles regarding our dental crowns in Portland. We are happy to answer any questions you have and help you book your appointment.