Something Stuck Between Your Teeth

Unfortunately, having food stuck in your teeth causing pain is a reality many of us have faced. Meat, seeds, broccoli, and popcorn usually become lodged between them whenever we eat these foods. Who hasn’t spent the drive home from the movie theater attempting to remove a kernel from their teeth? It can be such a pain. Most of the time, floss can remove the lodged piece of food. But, at other times, you’ll need dental attention to remove the item. That’s where Woodstock Smiles comes to the rescue.

If this issue happens to you often, you may be dealing with food traps. These are when the spaces between your teeth allow food to collect there. Floss can have a difficult time removing wedged food particles. This can then lead to significantly worse issues, such as cavities and gum disease.

If you have a food trap and have something stuck between your teeth, turn to the dental professionals at Woodstock Smiles. We’ll help determine why food is getting lodged often. There are a few culprits that we consider. The first is gaps in the teeth. Sometimes, the space between your teeth is perfect for food to nestle in. Another is tooth damage. A damaged tooth can create a little cave for food particles. Another issue you could have that’s causing food gaps is decay. Cavities can sneak up on anyone and form little pockets. It’s a great place for seeds and other food debris to get caught. The last issue you could have is gum disease. This can create small pockets under the gums where food particles can hide.

Woodstock Smiles will help you resolve any of the above issues to prevent food from becoming stuck in your teeth. Utilize our emergency services if you have food stuck in your teeth that’s causing pain. We’ll work quickly to resolve the problem and help you feel better again.