Root Canal in Portland, OR


When the roots and nerves of a tooth become badly damaged due to the effects of dental decay or disease, a root canal becomes the only option our dentists at Woodstock Smiles have for saving the tooth and preventing permanent tooth loss.

During a root canal, an access hole is drilled into the tooth to reveal the damaged roots and nerves within. Once opened, Dr. Nguyen will proceed to clean out the tooth, remove any traces of decay, along with the pulp of the tooth. After the tooth has been cleaned , the hole will be filled with a special compound designed to help maintain the strength and integrity of the tooth. Finally, the tooth will be capped, restoring it fully to health.

Despite the unpleasant reputation of a root canal, the procedure actually causes very little discomfort. Compared to the cost of a dental implant and crown, a root canal makes an affordable and lasting solution for saving a tooth severely in need of repair.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

When a tooth becomes badly damaged due to the effects of dental decay or disease, a root canal offers the best solution for saving the tooth and restoring it back to health. Without root canal treatment to remove the infected pulp and dentin that sits at the center of the damaged tooth, the roots and nerves of the tooth can become damaged, leading to permanent tooth loss.

Unless replaced by an implant or bridge, a hole in a patient's smile can lead to further damage occurring over time. Without the placement of a replacement tooth, teeth that sit on either side of the hole in a smile will start to move and shift to fill the now vacant space. As this occurs, the underlying bone structure of the jaw will begin to deteriorate, increasing the risk for future tooth loss.

Save money, time, and the health of your smile by saying yes to a root canal procedure in Portland, OR.