Laser Dentistry Offers a Bright Future for Dental Care

dental implants in Woodstock

For patients who want to replace a missing tooth, dental implants in Woodstock offer a safe, reliable, and effective solution. However, patients didn’t always have the option of simply replacing a missing tooth by visiting the dentist. Advances in dentistry made dental implants in Woodstock a possibility, and now another new breakthrough promises to further change the way our Woodstock dentists treat patients.

The emerging field of laser dentistry offers the potential for dentists to offer patients a noninvasive option for treating a variety of common oral health issues. Let’s take a look at what the future of laser dentistry may mean for how we treat patients in Woodstock in the future.

What is Laser Dentistry?

First, before we look at what this revolutionary technique can offer in terms of improved patient care and comfort, let’s take a quick look at what we mean by laser dentistry.

Laser dentistry use instruments that create a focused beam of light capable of removing tissue in small amounts. Unlike dental drills and other typical dental tools, laser dentistry offers a quiet, noninvasive option dentists can use to precisely treat a variety of common dental health issues.

The Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Like every medical field, dentistry continues to evolve to provide patients with more advanced treatment options. Laser dentistry provides a number of distinct advantages when compared to traditional dental methods that include:

  • Less need to drill. Topping the list of what patients dislike the most, the reigning champ is always the dental drill. From the high pitch noise it makes to the uncomfortable sensation of having a tooth drilled, dental drills are a necessary nuisance for dentists. Laser dentistry could enable dentists to say goodbye to the drill for most routine treatments. Laser drills can remove the parts of a tooth damaged by decay less invasively when compared to the use of a traditional drill.
  • Reduced need for needles. Less invasive dental care means fewer needles, another plus in the minds of many patients. Injections using needles ranks alongside the dental drill in terms of patients least favorite part of visiting the dentist. But with laser drills, patients experience far less discomfort, making it unnecessary to numb your mouth up for routine procedures like filling a cavity.
  • Shorter healing time. Another advantage of using a laser versus a convention drill is the amount of time it takes patients to heal is significantly reduced. Using a laser provides exceptional precision, which greatly reduces the amount of tissue that’s impacted during a procedure.

What Can Laser Dentistry Treat?

We mentioned before, laser dentistry offers an exciting new option for treating a variety of common oral health issues that include;

  • Tooth Decay. Rather than using a drill to remove enamel damaged by harmful bacteria, dentist can now use a laser to precisely eliminate damage tissue and enamel.
  • Gum Disease. Laser dentistry can eliminate bacteria that lingers under the gum line and contributes to the development of inflammation. Lasers can also help to reshape gum a patient’s gum line.
  • Stained Teeth. Teeth whitening in dental offices is different than at home. Dentists have the option to use power whitening agents that are far more effective than what you can buy over the counter. These compounds are applied to a patient’s teeth and then activated using a laser light. The light works to stimulate the active agents in the whitening compounds to strip stains from tooth enamel far more effectively than whitening strips or gels.

As dentistry continues to evolve from offering patients the chance to get dental implants in Woodstock to the future of laser dentistry, know that our team at Woodstock Smiles will always remain committed to providing you with the latest, most advanced dental care possible.