Chipped Tooth Repair in Portland, Oregon

Did you recently chip a tooth, and you’re unsure what to do? It’s important to seek help for broken tooth repair immediately, even if you’re not experiencing any pain. These tiny cracks, fractures, and chips can lead to more intense problems if you leave them untreated.

What are a few steps you should follow after you chip your tooth? It’s a question many individuals need help answering. Start by calling your dentist right away. If you’re experiencing any pain, take over-the-counter pain medicine such as Tylenol and Motrin to make yourself feel more comfortable. Don’t eat sticky, hot, cold, or hard foods because your tooth will be incredibly sensitive and prone to further damage. If there’s swelling around the chipped tooth, use a cold compress or rinse your mouth out with warm water to ease the pain.

It’s easy to notice a chip on your front teeth, but how can you tell if a molar has a chip? It’s more challenging to spot a chipped tooth in the back of your mouth or recognize damage that is more minimal. The following signs can help you notice if you’ve experienced a chip.

  • Pain when you chew or bite
  • A jagged surface when you run your tongue over a tooth
  • Irritated gums around a specific tooth
  • Tiny vertical lines in your tooth


You’ll have a few options moving forward with your fractured tooth repair. We’ll work with you to devise the best plan to fix the chipped tooth, whether that involves veneers, a crown, or an implant. The option that works best will depend on the severity of the fracture.

Your smile deserves the best care imaginable. Turn to Woodstock Smiles for fantastic chipped tooth repairs in Portland, Oregon. Woodstock Smiles has been taking care of the community for over 30 years. We provide exceptional care for our patients who continuously return to us. Whether you’ve suffered a broken tooth or are looking for a new dentist in the area, come to our office. We’ll always welcome you with a bright and cheery smile.