A Look Into Preventive Dental Care and Treatments

A Look Into Preventive Dental Care and Treatments

Most people understand that they need to see the dentist twice a year for oral exams and teeth cleanings. Have you ever questioned why? These appointments are known as preventative dental care and treatments. Continue reading to find out more about this care.

What’s Considered Preventive Dental Care?

Preventive dental care includes services provided by your dental provider to help prevent costly oral health conditions. Several procedures fall under the preventative care umbrella. Twice-yearly teeth cleanings, oral exams, and x-rays will catch early signs of dental issues.

Professional cleanings by a hygenist will keep plaque at bay and any gum problems under control. Children’s fluoride treatments are also part of preventative care. Flouride is an excellent way to keep cavities at bay for young kids who are still learning to brush their teeth correctly.

Sealants for adults and children are also considered preventative care. Not all insurance companies will cover adult sealants, so check your coverage before planning an appointment.

Your Role in Preventative Care

Healthy dental habits begin with you. These habits help keep your teeth clean, reduce cavities, prevent gingivitis, and avoid gum disease. Ensure you’re brushing and flossing daily. A fluoride toothpaste and a soft bristle toothbrush will keep your teeth pearly white. Use a mouthwash to rinse out leftover food particles after brushing.

Watch how much acidic food you consume because it can damage your enamel. Wear a mouthguard when participating in contact sports to prevent a chipped, loose, or lost tooth. Ask your dentist about a nighttime mouth guard if you grind your teeth. Avoid smoking and other tobacco products as they lead to cancer.

What Have We Learned?

Preventative dental treatments and care are not something you should ignore. Regular check-ups and oral exams will help prevent any issues and maintain overall mouth health. You’ll save time and money by catching problems early rather than ignoring them and dealing with expensive mouth work. Crowns, root canals, and surgery are costly. Staying up-to-date on preventative dental care will avoid these procedures and ensure a healthy mouth.